Days 3 and 4 of our dismantle were tough. We didn’t have too much time for photos as you can see. We’re putting in at least 12 hours a day with little to no breaks. Bruised and bloody we inch our way through the process. But, believe it or not we’re still having a blast. Eh!

Our goal is to have all of the larger equipment ready to be removed the next day. But, our biggest success of the day would have to be the 3 of us moving by hand a 10-ton glycol chiller from it’s resting place, around a corner, down a dirt trail, up an embankment, and  to the front of the building. Sounds easy, but this beast easily weighed over 1000lbs. Plus, we wrestled with a 60ft+long auger system, practically hot wire a boom lift, finished dismantling and labeling the rest of the accessories, and of course bugged the retail guys as much as possible.

We’re getting more tired by the day, but today was a good milestone in the process. Tomorrow, we get everything out of the building. Tonight we sleep. Oh and maybe drink a little craft beer. 😉




Jun 30, 2012
Written by Chris