When you walk into BarrelHouse Brewing we want it look, feel, and smell of our delicious beer. A main component of west coast style beers are hops. Hops take a few seasons to take root, we were out of season, and with the buildout in full force we thought it was a good idea to keep our precious hop rhizomes close to home. This started our BHBC Hop Project.

We needed 13-15 containers for all of our rhizomes. With cost always a concern, we opted for the ever so elegant orange Home Depot buckets. I drilled drainage holes, added small wooden braces (to later attach our vertical trellises), and blended some soils and nutrients. We decided on an area of fence that would receive good sun and would support a small trellis system.

Let’s see, we’ve got Willamette, Magnum, Chinnock, Nugget, Cascade, Fuggle, & Centennial. I know we wont a harvest this year, but hopefully the following. We’d love to do a small Estate batch of our brew, but until then we hope you’ll enjoy the hop bines around the Brewery as much as we will.

Jul 25, 2012
Written by Chris

We should rename BarrelHouse to DIY Brewing. Piece by piece we laid over 2000 total pounds of rebar in our Brewhouse on a steamy Saturday afternoon. We cut, anchored, and tied each piece by hand to insure our brewhouse will live a long stable life without worry or concern for the rest of the world. After all, shouldn’t its one and only focus be brewing delicious beer for all of us? We think so.

Cheers to Ryan and Cisco for helping make it happen!

Jul 22, 2012
Written by Chris

Enjoying a day off after a long fun week of bringing our new brewhouse to California, we decided to head over to Cambria Beer Co for some fresh local brews. Aaron Wharton, the owner and brewer, welcomed us with a smile and flight of his best beers. We loved them all!

It’s a cozy and charming place where he’s making great use of the space with his custom made 3 barrel system.

I’d say when you’re in the neighborhood you should stop by, but I won’t. Instead, I say make a special trip up our beautiful coast to support and enjoy what Cambria Beer Company has to offer.

Jul 07, 2012
Written by Chris

July fourth. The Brewhouse arrives, safe and sound. Tom did an excellent job getting her here. He told us stories about each state border crossing. The closer to California he got the louder the inspectors laughed. Apparently, most loads aren’t packed as brilliantly as ours was. But, since it was all in the name of beer they set the rule book aside and bid him safe travels. Ahhh, the universal power and love of beer.

Thanks to the crew from BHBC’s sister company Carvalho Construction for helping us get everything off the trailer in one piece.

Jul 05, 2012
Written by Chris

Finally! We get to see Canada.

We decided to spend the day “free-styling”. For those of you who are out of the loop, that means no plan, no direction, just going with the flow. Damn, it felt great.

We decided to head north towards Lake of Bays. We heard it was breathtaking. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at a charming old cafe called Miss Nelle’s Cafe situated right off Lake of Bays. Absolutely perfect. We laughed, joked, but mostly just sat silently and took in the serenity. After finishing the best coffee of the trip, we headed over to a brewery called Lake of Bays. You didn’t think we’d go all that way without searching out something to do with beer did you?

Lake of Bays Brewery is one of the cleanest, most organized breweries we’ve seen. Darren, the owner, gave us the royal treatment. He answered all of our questions and a truly behind the scenes personal tour. If there is one thing that we can’t get over is how warm and inviting most people in this industry are. Any of these guys could have easily not been bothered by us. Just another group of guys “starting a brewery”. Maybe we’re different, maybe people see themselves in us, or that’s just how this industry is. Whatever the reason, we’re eating it up. The transparency is almost overwhelming.

Okay, off my soap box and back to Lake of Bays Brewery. What else can we say, we were all very impressed. Not to mention Darren’s entire family was very warm and welcoming and he’s an owner who really knows his business. We are excited to see them grow in the upcoming years. Cheers guys!

We saved the best for last, Muskoka Brewing’s newest 30,000+ square foot brewing facility. Talk about making a jump, these guys have exploded like your favorite beer left in the freezer. They jumped from a 17 barrel system (the one headed to the central coast) to a custom made 60 barrel beast from DME. Extended both their can and bottle packaging lines as well as increased the number of fermentors and aging tanks. Simply breathtaking.

We’d like to express our sincerest gratitudes to Gary, Dave, Mike, James, Kevin, James, Jeff, Andrew, Jake, Dillion, and to the rest of the crew at Muskoka. All of you went over the top for us. Oh and we’re excited about bringing our families next time to meet all of you and let them enjoy your Canadian hospitality.

During our return flight somewhere over our great US of A, the 3 of us talked about how in life we think it’s important to set your sights on people leading the pack. See what and how they’ve gotten to where they are and learn from it. We are all in this industry to make a living, but more importantly, we want to chip away at the mass produced yellow fizzy beer. Like many other materials in our lives which we’ve been taught to like through marketing and media. Our monies are hard earned and our taste buds deserve more. We raise our glasses to companies like our newest Canadian friends for making a stand and pushing forward. We join you in the battle, knowing the ultimate winner is all of our loyal patrons who enjoy the better beers in life….


Jason, Kevin, & Chris
The BarrelHouse Crew



Jul 02, 2012
Written by Chris