If you haven’t driven by the brewery to sneak a peak, it’s pretty darn big. We knew signage on a building this size couldn’t be small. Due to costs and budgeting a custom ordered sign wasn’t even a consideration. With an armful of our favorite brewery’s brews we hit the drinking board.

Side note, every business plan should add a line item for beer. We’re finding it takes a considerable amount of great beer to make great beer.

Back to our sign, we knew it had to represent what we’re about: rustic, hand-crafted, solid, etc. We wanted raw elements, no plastic or glass. Metal and/or wood were our options. Wood would be great, but the longevity just isn’t there. Metal it is. Shiny and modern or old and rusted. Not even a question. To maximize the space we’ll need 11 three-feet tall letters, 9 two-and-half-feet tall letters, and a circle logo six-feet wide, simple enough.

We called on a local metal fabricator, sent over our designs, and then sat back and wondered what the hell are we doing. Nothing new.

A couple weeks later Jason got a call from the fabricator. They had just cut the first letter and, like our logo, all of the edges were really jagged and uneven. They weren’t sure if this was what we wanted. Jason ran over to take a look. His only words were, “Perfect, absolutely perfect.”

A week later, we were back at the brewery with twenty iron letters in the back of Jason’s truck. Thank goodness for forklifts. On top of the metal letters were a couple boxes. Jason grinned and handed me gloves, “It’s time to rust.” We laid the letters out and alternated coats of the magic rust spray and water mist. Within seconds rust started to form, we repeated these steps until we reach the desired look. Finally, he neutralized and sealed.

All done! Wait. No, we still need to get these three-feet tall paper weights mounted twenty feet above ground. Oh and backlit. Back to the ‘drinking board.’


Aug 30, 2012
Written by Chris