Friends helping friends. What else were you thinking? Ha.

Cody and his buddy Matt, our new friend, making light work our large walk-in cooler. Reminding us, this brewery could never be built by a single person. Or even by 3, it’s built by an army of friends and friend’s friends who believe a little hard work, a little sweat, and some good times are what it’s all about.

Cheers to all of you,
Jason, Kevin, and Chris

Sep 15, 2012
Written by Chris

Beer 97% water.

We tried. We tried hard to use our local water. But in the end it just wasn’t conducive for making the best beer possible and we must make the best beer we can. So the search began and once again Jason did the impossible and sourced a used Reverse Osmosis System in pristine shape.

We hadn’t budgeted for water treatment so finding a good value on a used system was vital. Even if it meant an extended drive to Pahrump, Nevada. After driving back from San Diego, our alarms went off at 3am to meet Kevin on the side of I-5 with a flat bed trailer needed to drag our RO System back to it’s new home.

We drove.

As we got closer to Baker we noticed a mirage. In the distance our eyes were telling us there was a huge body of water. Really? We’re in the middle of the desert?! As we turn into Baker, we’re met with water, mud, and snow removal equipment. Lots of all of it. Wild! Talking with the locals, the day before at around 2:30pm clouds started to build and by 3:30 the rain began to pour. Flash Flood! Within a couple hours the entire valley was covered in rushing water, sweeping away everything in its path. We’ve all seen Into the Wild, but damn! Crossing the valley from Baker to Pahrump was interesting and fun. We finally made it to our destination, unscathed, as I know you all were concerned.

We drove through the ‘town’ looking for circus tents. Yep, that’s what we were told to look for and they weren’t kidding. Literally, circus tents full of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.  Come to find out these guys buy up storage units and sell the goods. You know, I had to go there and yep, they’d been on a few episodes of Storage Wars. Good bunch of guys. They took great care of us and made sure the system was as secure as possible before we drug it away.

We drove. Again. Smiling the whole way.

Great beer demands great people and at BHBC we’ve got the best!

Sep 12, 2012
Written by Chris

Ahhh, the glorious side of hand crafting well made beer. Floor sealer. Okay maybe not glorious, but it is integral to the process. Once again, we needed and wanted to do as much as we could ourselves. We enlisted help from a local talent to help us figure it out. Floors check!

Sep 06, 2012
Written by Chris