2016 Curly Wolf Label
Introducing the first release of our 2016 Reservado De Robles beers.This oak barrel-aged, limited release series is the canvas for our talented brewing artists. Creamy and complex, this Russian Imperial Stout was aged in bourbon barrels until the time was just right. We added fresh maple syrup to the boil and whole vanilla beans to each barrel to create it’s unique flavor and sought after complexity. This beer is dangerously smooth and incredibly delicious!

The Wolf is back and at 10.4% ABV it’s even more Curly than before! This Maple Vanilla Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout has been a crowd favorite since its first release and this year’s batch is even better than ever.

Join us Wednesday, February 10th in San Luis Obispo and/or Thursday, February 11th in Paso Robles for the release of our 2016 batch of Curly Wolf.

The fun begins at 4pm:

  • 2016 Curly Wolf available on draft
  • 2016 Curly Wolf in 22oz bottles available for purchase
  • Limited number of 2015 Curly Wolf in 22oz bottles re-released and available for purchase
  • 2015 and 2016 Curly Wolf vintages available for side by side tasting (while supplies last).
  • Meet our Head Brewer, George Numair in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday.
  • Meet our Barrel Meister, Mathew Jacobs in Paso Robles on Thursday.
  • Keeping with tradition, we’ve created a special 2016 run of men’s and women’s Curly Wolf t-shirts available for purchase at the event. Inventory is limited and when they’re gone they’re gone!

BHBC on the Central Coast Craft Brewers Radio

Jason, Chris, and John Pranjic (BarrelHouse Speakeasy Manager) recently sat down with the guys from the Central Coast Beer Radio Show at our newest Speakeasy location in San Luis Obispo. As usual the interview was filled with laughter, stories (mostly true), insider information, and of course great BarrelHouse beers.

Listen in on the two part series below:
Interview No. 1 (23.12min, 22.3mb, mp3)
Interview No. 2 (32.50min, 31.5mb, mp3)

Mathew as Night Ryder

Nothing screams Fanter (when it isn’t quite winter, but definitely not fall anymore – it’s a California thing) more than dark rich malts and west coast hops. Announcing our newest Forager release: Night Ryder an Imperial Black Rye IPA.

Many of you will remember this delicious beer from last Fanter, but staying true to the Night Ryder form we decided to make this year’s even more unbelievable. We amplified its already rich, malty, and piney resin character and turned it into an Imperial.

Stop by the taproom today or keep an eye out as bottles and draft will hit the market soon!

To celebrate its release we crafted another BarrelHouse Forager Video; complete with a Hollywood budget and star-studded cast. Unlike previous videos, no pumpkins or iPhone’s were harmed, too bad we can’t say the same for Mathew’s lady mobile.

Enjoy this full-length Night Ryder Feature video complete with bloopers and outtakes.

Nov 12, 2015
Written by Chris

Introducing the first release of our yearly Estate Hopped beers. 2015 was the first official harvest for us and this year’s crop included Cascade, Chinook, & Amalia. Right off the bines these hops were juicy and full of aroma. It was important that we crafted a beer that would showcase all of the hop goodness without a malty background getting in the way. What better way than with a Lager! This IPL has an amazing tropical nose, melon on the palate, and because it’s a Lager is incredibly drinkable.

We couldn’t be more pleased with this beer. We only had enough hops for a single turn, so we’re limited to draft and select accounts. Get it before it’s gone!

ABV 6.2% | IBU: 35 | F.G. 1.009 ~ Taproom, Select Draft Accounts



Introducing Grog Our Newest Reservado De Robles

Grog is loaded with unique, robust flavors, this Brown Sugar Imperial Ale was hand crafted and aged in Caribbean rum barrels for 12 months. Hints of Molasses, rum, tobacco, and coconut round this dark nectar into a delicious, drinkable Imperial Ale that pairs well with plundering, pillaging and pretty much anything else pirates are known for.
ABV 12.4% | IBU: 49 | F.G. 1.021 ~ Taproom, Select Draft Accounts, & 22oz Bottles

There are only a handful of kegs available and 150 cases. Half will go to distribution everything else will be sold at the taproom. Get it before its gone!