Max Randolph (yes he is an actual Viking), hand-forges all of the medieval BHBC stamped bottle openers for us.

This year for all of our Society members we decided to enlist the Viking’s help to blacksmith a special batch. Included in this year’s membership each Society member will receive a custom key-chain bottle opener with the initials SM15.

We’re fascinated by his craftsmanship we followed him back to his workshop to captured him in action. Let me start by saying these images simply don’t do it justice. We’ll soon be releasing a video showing exactly how much time and artist goes into each piece. Stay tuned.

Society Membership Details


We couldn’t resist sharing this posting of a sour beer blind tasting at Vendome in West Hollywood:

“The results are in! Thank you to all those who came out to our epic blind sour tasting this weekend! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. While it was a fairly close competition, the results were quite interesting. Gotta love blind tastings!

List below is in order of highest to lowest rated, while the video is in serving order.

1. The Bruery Sour in the Rye with Peaches
2. Cascade Manhattan NW
3. Cantillon Cuvee Saint-Gilloise
4. Hanssen’s Scarrenbecca Kriek
5. Barrelhouse Brewing Sweet Fruited Flanders Red aged in Late Harvest Zin French Oak
6. New Belgium La Folie
7. Rodenbach Grand Cru
8. Sante Adairius Farmhouse Noir
9. Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze
10. Kevin Osborne’s Plumcot Sour Porter
11. Firestone Walker Feral One
12. Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze
13. Russian River Consecration
14. Oceanside Ale Works Daliesque
15. Deschutes The Dissident

Until next time. Cheers!

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Aug 19, 2015
Written by Chris

A couple months back our friends at Coast Hills CU contacted us about a small project. We’ve always had a great relationship with Coast Hills so we didn’t hesitate to say yes, to whatever it was they were thinking.

The day arrived. We started pre-dawn in Templeton, Ca, our neighboring community, and spent the next 16 hours filming with an incredibly talented film production company. We couldn’t believe how long shooting a commercial took, but like everything we do at BarrelHouse Brewing Co., they believe even the smallest of details can make the difference between good and great.

A huge applause to the business team at Coast Hills CU for making stunning short film this happen. We are truly honored and forever indebted to you. Literally and figuratively…

Visit for more info.

BarrelHouse Brewing Co.
3055 Limestone Way
Paso Robles, Ca 93446
(805) 296-1128

BarrelHouse Brewing Co. was recently named one of the “Best Bars in California” by the is a digital media company consisting of three brands: food, drink and travel property Thrillist; technology and lifestyle site Supercompressor; and fashion site JackThreads. The three brands collectively reach over 15 million daily subscriptions. This was quite an honor indeed.

BarrelHouse Brewing Co. named Best in State by

Apr 06, 2015
Written by Chris

Friday, March 27, 2015 was our first annual Curly Wolf release celebration. We were stoked to have such a great turnout! The music was pumping, the food was tasty, and the beer was delicious. A big cheers to all those that made it out for the event. CHEERS!
20150327_curlywolf-web_001 20150327_curlywolf-web_002 20150327_curlywolf-web_003 20150327_curlywolf-web_004 20150327_curlywolf-web_005 20150327_curlywolf-web_006  20150327_curlywolf-web_008 20150327_curlywolf-web_009 20150327_curlywolf-web_010 20150327_curlywolf-web_011 20150327_curlywolf-web_012

Capture your Inner Curly Wolf Photobooth:

If you took part in the Photobooth and would like to see more images please email us. To help us find your group, please include a detailed description. Cheers!
20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_001 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_002 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_003 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_004 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_005 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_006 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_007 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_008 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_009 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_010 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_011 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_012 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_013 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_014 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_015 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_016 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_017 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_018 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_019 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_020 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_021 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_022 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_024 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_025 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_026 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_027 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_028 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_029 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_030 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_031 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_032 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_033 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_034 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_035 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_036 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_037 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_038 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_039 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_042 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_043 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_044 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_045 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_046 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_047 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_048 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_049 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_050 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_051 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_052 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_053 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_054 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_055 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_056 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_057 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_058 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_059 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_060 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_061 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_062 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_063 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_065 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_066 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_067 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_068 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_069 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_071  20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_073 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_074 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_075 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_076 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_077 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_078 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_079 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_080 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_081 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_082 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_084 20150327_curlywolfbooth-web_072