Max Randolph (yes he is an actual Viking), hand-forges all of the medieval BHBC stamped bottle openers for us.

This year for all of our Society members we decided to enlist the Viking’s help to blacksmith a special batch. Included in this year’s membership each Society member will receive a custom key-chain bottle opener with the initials SM15.

We’re fascinated by his craftsmanship we followed him back to his workshop to captured him in action. Let me start by saying these images simply don’t do it justice. We’ll soon be releasing a video showing exactly how much time and artist goes into each piece. Stay tuned.

Society Membership Details


Our Brewhouse platform is back and ready for brewing. We upgraded the stairs for safety, added specialized adjustable feet to reduce the surface area contact with the brewhouse floor (always a good thing), and slapped our BHBC logo on the back. After all, this platform is going to be the center piece of the Brewhouse and Tasting Room. Let’s see only three large vessels and a 100 of feet of stainless piping to polish, rebuild a handful of pumps, order all new gaskets, seals, and brewers hose, add power, steam, and water, plug it all in and cross our fingers. Now where did we put the rest of the brewhouse…


Aug 09, 2012
Written by Chris

We knew that we wanted as much of our buildout as possible to be constructed out of reclaimed and/or repurposed material.  So, when Kevin sourced an old barn near Fresno that was slated to be destroyed, we knew we had to have it.  Last Tuesday, the Carvalho Construction crew headed up to the foothills of the Sierras and wrecked havoc on that old barn.  After a days worth of blood and sweat and then traveling half way down the state it now rests in our storage area waiting for a new lease on life.  The wood is exactly what we were looking for, old, weathered and 3 inches thick.  Even the spots of graffiti are going to add a nice touch.  When you come visit, see if you can spot areas where we have repurposed the old barn.  See you at the brewery!


Jun 03, 2012
Written by Chris