A couple months back our friends at Coast Hills CU contacted us about a small project. We’ve always had a great relationship with Coast Hills so we didn’t hesitate to say yes, to whatever it was they were thinking.

The day arrived. We started pre-dawn in Templeton, Ca, our neighboring community, and spent the next 16 hours filming with an incredibly talented film production company. We couldn’t believe how long shooting a commercial took, but like everything we do at BarrelHouse Brewing Co., they believe even the smallest of details can make the difference between good and great.

A huge applause to the business team at Coast Hills CU for making stunning short film this happen. We are truly honored and forever indebted to you. Literally and figuratively…

Visit BarrelHousebBewing.com for more info.

BarrelHouse Brewing Co.
3055 Limestone Way
Paso Robles, Ca 93446
(805) 296-1128

Huntington Beach, CA – BarrelHouse Brewing Co. is pleased to announce Reyes Beverage Group as its Reyes Logodistributor from Santa Barbara to San Diego with Allied Beverages, Harbor Distributing, Gate City Beverage Distributors, Unique Craft Solutions and Crest Beverage.

Jason Carvalho, Owner/President, said, “Our brewing team has just as much experience making wine as they do brewing beer. Our teams approach to brewing lends to unique, balanced portfolio beers and incredible barrel projects both non-sour and sour. Reyes Beverage Group’s broad distribution experience and commitment to quality craft beer makes them an excellent partner to help us deliver our beer fresh throughout southern California.”

Tom Reyes, President Reyes Beverage Group West, said, “Barrelhouse is continuing the great tradition of brewing hand-crafted Californian beer. We are grateful they are helping us meet our retailers, and their consumers, demand for locally sourced top-quality beer.”

BarrelHouse Brewing Co. is located in Paso Robles, CA. Founded in 2011 by cousins and Co-owners Jason Carvalho and Kevin Nickell and joined in 2013 by longtime friend Chris Vaughn who had been brewing with the team since their early recipe development stages in Carvalho’s garage. Since then the team of craftsman including Head Brewer George Numair, Lead Brewer Mathew Jacobs, and Brewer/Cellar Master Gavin Warnock have been pushing the boundaries of beer. Their focus is on unique, drinkable beers with a constant flow of small batch projects.

BarrelHouse portfolio beers includes BarrelHouse Blonde, BarrelHouse Rye IPA, BarrelHouse IPA, and BarrelHouse Stout on draft and in 22oz bottles. Additionally, BarrelHouse is releasing the first two beers from their Salvaje de Robles (Sour of the Oak) series this month. These unique, balanced sour projects are the perfect marriage of wine and beer making techniques that have been in use for thousands of years.

About BarrelHouse Brewing Co.

BarrelHouse Brewing Co. is located in Paso Robles, CA, just minutes off the 101. For more information go to www.barrelhousebrewing.com or stop by their taproom in Paso Robles, CA and treat yourself to a flavorful lineup of well-made craft beers while relaxing in the unique half-acre beer garden with its rushing waterfall, live music and friendly people.

About Reyes Beverage Group

Reyes Beverage Group sells and distributes a wide variety of craft, import and domestic beer as well as fine ciders. For more information please visit www.reyesbeveragegroup.com

Jan 14, 2015
Written by Chris

If you haven’t driven by the brewery to sneak a peak, it’s pretty darn big. We knew signage on a building this size couldn’t be small. Due to costs and budgeting a custom ordered sign wasn’t even a consideration. With an armful of our favorite brewery’s brews we hit the drinking board.

Side note, every business plan should add a line item for beer. We’re finding it takes a considerable amount of great beer to make great beer.

Back to our sign, we knew it had to represent what we’re about: rustic, hand-crafted, solid, etc. We wanted raw elements, no plastic or glass. Metal and/or wood were our options. Wood would be great, but the longevity just isn’t there. Metal it is. Shiny and modern or old and rusted. Not even a question. To maximize the space we’ll need 11 three-feet tall letters, 9 two-and-half-feet tall letters, and a circle logo six-feet wide, simple enough.

We called on a local metal fabricator, sent over our designs, and then sat back and wondered what the hell are we doing. Nothing new.

A couple weeks later Jason got a call from the fabricator. They had just cut the first letter and, like our logo, all of the edges were really jagged and uneven. They weren’t sure if this was what we wanted. Jason ran over to take a look. His only words were, “Perfect, absolutely perfect.”

A week later, we were back at the brewery with twenty iron letters in the back of Jason’s truck. Thank goodness for forklifts. On top of the metal letters were a couple boxes. Jason grinned and handed me gloves, “It’s time to rust.” We laid the letters out and alternated coats of the magic rust spray and water mist. Within seconds rust started to form, we repeated these steps until we reach the desired look. Finally, he neutralized and sealed.

All done! Wait. No, we still need to get these three-feet tall paper weights mounted twenty feet above ground. Oh and backlit. Back to the ‘drinking board.’


Aug 30, 2012
Written by Chris

Another step in making this whole dream seem a little more like reality. Now there’s no guessing where we’re located when you’re in the neighborhood. See you soon!

Jun 16, 2012
Written by Chris

With the Craft Brewers Conference closing in on us, we called up our good friend Mac Pittman of Digital Outfit (San Diego, Ca), to order up some business cards. In a pinch he took good care of us. Like a brand new father, we definitely think our cards are the smartest, quickest, and coolest ever!


Apr 27, 2012
Written by Chris