ABV 6.5%

BarrelHouse Juicy IPA is our take on the popular New England Style IPA. This IPA boasts a complex mouthfeel, low bitterness, and an incredibly juicy aroma. We conditioned it just enough to remain bottle stable while retaining maximum juiciness. For the best experience, swirl the last bit of the bottle to collect all of its tasty goodness before topping off your glass. Get juicy!

Availability: Starting March 2017

Alternating Hop Series Release Details:

Version No: 1
Packaging start: 02/22/2017
IBUs: 45
Hops: Azacca 

Version No: 2
Packaging start: 03/30/2017
IBUs: 30
Hops: El Dorado, Idaho 7, Huell Melon, Azacca 


Night Ryder – Imperial Black Rye IPA
ABV 8.6% | IBUs 85

Night Ryder breaks down and rebuilds the boundaries between dark malts and brilliant, complex, hoppy IPA aromas that were pioneered here on the West Coast. This Imperial Black Rye IPA imparts huge pine and spicy rye complexity with a subtle malt sweetness. Cheers!

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Availability: December 2016


Harvest Ale – Spiced Brown Porter
ABV 6.8% | IBUs 22

As fall settles on the Central Coast, our desires for a more complex, malt focused beer come to life. To satisfy this desire, we present our Harvest Ale. Created in the Forager Spirit, this spiced brown porter is crafted with fresh local spices and hand roasted pumpkins. With hints of graham cracker, pumpkin pie, and vanilla, it celebrates the spirit of the season with a truly unique taste. Cheers!

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Availability: October 2016