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You knew this was bound to happen…call it natural progression. We started out as garage brewsters turned production brewers, so hosting a Pro-Am competition has been in the back of our minds and center of our beer filled hearts since the beginning. Recently, we joined forces with our friends at San Luis Obispo Brewers (SLOBs) and the guys over at 93.3 KZOZ and started to pave the way to one of the Central California Coast’s most sought after Professional Amateur BJCP Certified HomeBrew Challenge!



What makes it so great you ask? First of all, after going through all the ‘trouble’ of brewing an outstanding beer, rest assured knowing you aren’t going to get a judging sheet back with a couple words scribbled across it. Our hand selected Judges promise each of you detailed feedback, these guys might as well be Novelists. If that’s not enough, during the judging party you’ll be able to rub elbows with all of them and really pick their brains about your individual beers. After all, if a competition doesn’t make us better in some way, then what’s the point? Next, the best of show winner will not only get a trunk full of ridiculous prizes, he or she will also begin the adventure of brewing their own winning brew on BarrelHouse Brewing Co.’s 20BBL Brewhouse.LineSATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd AT 5PM



The winner of our challenge isn’t going to just walk away and come back when the beer is tapped. Immediately, they are involved in the process. From the scaling the recipe and sourcing any unique goods, the winner is immediately tossed into the action. Then, less than two weeks later the brewing starts. He or she will mill grain, mashout, add hops, and pitch yeast, count cells, monitor fermentation, etc.. Once the glorious brew is complete the winner will help filter and package all of the glorious brew. From start to finish, the winner will walk away with an unforgettable experience.LineFRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH



On December 12th, 2013 we are hosting a massive release party in honor of this year’s BarrelHouse Brewing Co. Pro-Am Challenge Best of Show Winner. All of our friends and yours will be here to celebrate with you. The winning beer will be served directly from our taproom and all proceeds will go to the Non-Profit of their choice. More details released soon. Awesome!LineTHURSDAY, DECEMBER 12TH AT 4PM



What competition would be complete without prizes?! With that, once again our friends over at 93.3 KZOZ have stepped up to the pint and have even surprised us. We know you’re going to be as stoked as we are with this growing list of prizes. But first, know it’s uber important to us that all of our craft beer drinking friends get the chance to take home prizes. So, just for joining us at the Release Party in December and enjoying BarrelHouse beer you’ll also be entered to win some rad prizes. Oh and yes, you must be 21+ years of age and present to win. Check out our current Prize list:

  • Each Contestant will take home a Commemorative 2013 Pro-Am Shirt and in-depth entry feedback
  • Best of Show winners will get their choice between a custom BHBC Branded 9.0 Eclipse Surf Board by Greg Iler and Brand New Wetsuit from Shell Beach Surf, a Life Time Membership to Front Sight and of course, the winner will get to brew with the BarrelHouse guys and give to their favorite charity.
  • Release Party Guests will also have the chance to win prizes such as a Free Month of Fitness Combat and Self-Defence at Budo Rhy in San Luis Obispo, a stay at a local beach hotel, and more!



    First Place – Erik Grimes


    11C: Northern English Brown Ale
    Brown Ale

    Second Place – Erik Grimes


    10B: American Amber Ale
    Amber Ale

    Third Place – Greg Nowell


    10A: American Pale Ale
    Session Pale Ale



    (6 Entires)Line1: Erik Grimes
    10B: American Amber Ale
    Amber Ale
    2: Philip Vieira
    10C: American Brown Ale
    Bass Lake Brown
    3: Steve Manier
    10B: American Amber Ale

    High ~ 30
    Mean ~ 21.9
    Low ~ 15.5


    (7 Entires)Line1: Greg Nowell
    Session Pale Ale
    2: Russell Sterner
    3: Dan Fake
    Beyond the Pale

    High ~ 38.5
    Mean ~ 28.4
    Low ~ 20

    (12 Entires)Line1: Grant Fobert
    16B: Belgian Pale Ale
    2013 3rd Eye Black Belgian Ale
    2: Troy Gatchell
    18C: Belgian Tripel
    Shipwreck Tripel
    3: Chris Lang & Steve Behnke
    18A: Belgian Blond Ale
    Belgian Blonde

    High ~ 37.5
    Mean ~ 30.7
    16-010 ~ 23.5
    Low ~ 23.5


    (9 Entires)Line1: Erik Grimes
    11C: Northern English Brown Ale
    Brown Ale
    2: Brian Gregory & Aaron Gregory
    8A: Standard/Ordinary Bitter
    Ordinarily Bitter
    3: Eric Drew
    12A: Brown Porter
    Porter… Brown Porter

    High ~ 38
    Mean ~ 33.75
    Low ~ 28.5

    (15 Entires)Line1: Roger Schmitz
    14B: American IPA
    Hopalicious IPA
    2: Graeme Baldwin
    14A: English IPA
    Bitter End
    3: Ryan Ackerman
    14B: American IPA
    Earwig Ale

    High ~ 39
    Mean ~ 23.5
    Low ~ 17


    (8 Entires)Line1: Aaron Smith
    Rolling Thunder
    2: Aaron Smith
    West Coast Lawnmower Beer
    3: Chad Theule & Sean Cheney
    El Caballero Oscuro / “The Dark Knight”

    High ~ 39.5
    Mean ~ 31.3
    Low ~ 25

    (10 Entires)Line1: Garrett Keller
    13C: Oatmeal Stout
    GWK’s Oatmeal Stout
    2: Eric Bachrach
    13F: Imperial Stout
    Heck-Yeah! Stout
    3: Dennis Chicoine
    13F: Imperial Stout
    Bourbon Kissed Imperial Stout

    High ~ 39.5
    Mean ~ 28
    Low ~ 20.5


    (5 Entires)Line1: Dan Frake
    15B: Dunkelweizen
    Uncle Dunkel
    2: Eric Bachrach
    15C: Weizenbock
    Seona Weizen
    3: Dennis Chicoine
    15A: Weizen/Weissbier
    German Hefe

    High ~ 35
    Mean ~ 27.7
    Low ~ 19.5

    *category winners based on Mini-Best-of-Show results. Due to certain categories being divided into smaller flights and split between tables the highest score doesn’t always represent the winner. Categories with less than 3 entires aren’t listed.


    If that weren’t enough we were recently contacted by the Lary and Dak from Dak Rasheta Productions. These guys represent a Show Development Company based on Los Angles. They are looking for 3 participants in from our BarrelHouse Brewing Pro-Am Home-brew Challenge to be featured in a television program. If you have a big personality and a passion for home brewing then they want to talk to you!

    The premise of the show is to feature 3 participants in the BarrelHouse Brewing Pro-Am who compete against each other to see whose brew can garner the most points in their respective category. They want to follow 3 participants starting at their home or “place of brew” all the way to final judging at the BarrelHouse Brewing Pro-Am Homebrew competition. Think of it as a competition within the competition!

    All ages and skill levels may apply. The main criteria is a big personality and passion for home brewing along with an ability to engage your competitive nature.

    Additional requirements and information from the guys:
    We will first pre-screen all parties interested and then select the final 3 participants. We will want to have a Skype or telephone conversation with you to get more information on your background, personality, brew style, home brew setup and process. We ask that you submit a recent picture of yourself and your home brew setup.

    If you are selected:

  • We will require an appearance release.
  • We will need to spend 4-6 hours at your “place of brew” at a date prior to the competition to document your process and brew style.
  • If you submit your entry before we have had a chance to document your process then we will have you duplicate your submitted brew and process with our film crew again at your place of brew.
  • You will need to be available to arrive 4-5 hours early on the day of the Pro-Am competition to shoot with us.
  • On the day of the competition you will need to provide a change of wardrobe. (One for the pre-competition setup and then another for the competition.)
    We do not pay for participation from either the contestants or the competition but upon distribution the show does serve as an opportunity to showcase your competition, your brewery and the participants skills. This is an informative, fun and good-natured competition show that seeks to showcase the passion, artistry, and skills of craft brewers across the country.

    If you would like to be considered contact Lary Rasheta and please include:

  • A recent photo of yourself along with a photo of your home brew setup.
  • A short description of yourself including: your current profession, your history of home brew, the type of brew you are submitting to the Pro-Am and whatever else you feel is interesting.
    Cheers, and happy home brewing!
    For more information about us visit

    *everything in life is subject to change, including the words on this webpage.