Heidbanger – Red Rye Scotch Ale
ABV 10.1% | IBUs 20

Watch oot fer ye Heidbanger - pure dead brilliant aye, right! This malt focused Red Rye Scotch Ale was aged to perfection in rye whiskey barrels to impart big caramel, oak, and whiskey flavors; while remaining dangerously smooth and complex. Damned few an’ they’re a’ died. Sláinte mhath!

Availability: Limited Release (October 2016)


ABV 11.1% | IBUS 35

Curly Wolf is the first release of our 2017 Reservado De Robles Series. This oak barrel-aged limited release is the canvas for our brewing artists. Creamy and complex, this Russian Imperial Stout is aged in bourbon barrels until it discovers its inner wolf. Fresh maple syrup is added to the boil and whole vanilla beans to each barrel to create unique flavors and sought after complexity. This beer is dangerously  smooth and incredibly delicious.

Availability: Limited Release (December 23rd, 2016)


Grog – Brown Sugar Imperial Ale
ABV 12.4% | IBUs 49

Loaded with unique, robust flavors, this Brown Sugar Imperial Ale was hand-crafted and aged in Caribbean rum barrels for 12 months. Hints of Molasses, rum, tobacco, and coconut round this dark nectar into a delicious, drinkable Imperial Ale that pairs well with plundering, pillaging and pretty much anything else pirates are known for. Cheers!

Availability: Limited Release (2017)