Celebratory Ale No. 4

ABV 8.3% | 4.00 PH

Born from our Salvaje and Reservado Series of beers, this year’s release is unlike anything you’ve had before. We co-fermented a robust stout with the juice from apples and Brett in a port wine Foeder where it aged until we blended it with our most sacred of beers:  Curly Wolf and Heidbanger. This delicately tart and massively complex beer is extremely drinkable boasting characters of fig, vanilla, caramel, & apple pie with a warming finish.

Availability: Limited Release (February 2017)


Celebratory Ale No. 3

Dark Sour Aged in Rum Barrels on Dark Ruby Plum Fruit – Batch No. 1409
ABV 8.3% | 3.21 PH

Our Celebratory Ale No. 3 was born from our Salvaje De Robles series and fused with our Reservado De Robles series. It’s unlike any wild ale you’ve tasted. This rum barrel-aged plum fruited dark sour has powerful aromatics that billow from the glass with fresh cherries jubilee, toasted walnut, and smoke. The sharp acidity of ripe olallieberry and the texture of molasses create a unique and exciting flavor experience.

Availability: Limited Release (February 2016)


Celebratory Ale No. 2

Belgian Dark Strong Aged in Port Barrels
ABV 9.8% | IBUs 9

Celebratory Ale No. 2 is complex, unique and strong just like BarrelHouse Brewing Co. This Belgian Dark Strong is rich in sweet malts with hints of vanilla, red berries, Tobacco, Oak and spicy Belgian Yeast. 100% of this delicious beer has been barrel aged in local port wine barrels to add all the complexities we have come to love from our barrel projects. Cheers to all of you for the support over these past two years, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Availability: Limited Release (February 2015)