We’re proud to announce, starting March 1st, BarrelHouse Brewing Co. will serve up its first beer crafted to reduce gluten under the name, BarrelHouse Standard Ale. This crushable beer is full of flavor and lower on gluten for everyone who is considerate of their intake and is crafted in a manner that breaks down and reduces gluten. Look for a can release Summer of 2019!

We’ve been experimenting for years with ways to create a flavorful craft beer option with reduced gluten for the thousands of people who visit our unique taprooms each year.

How was BarrelHouse Standard Ale crafted to reduce gluten? It’s achieved by substituting rice for a percentage of grain along with an amazing little enzyme called Clarity-Ferm, which breaks-down the potentially inflammatory nature of the gluten protein chains.

For those of you with gluten concerns, we’ll be posting lab results here from each batch, based on the package date via the link below. If you have any questions, please direct them to


How does BarrelHouse guard against cross-contamination?
We thoroughly sanitize all equipment that comes in contact with this beer before brewing, fermenting, and packaging. We also serve BarrelHouse Standard Ale on dedicated lines at each of our taprooms.

Please note, we can't control how other bars and restaurants handle their draft systems and beer lines. So, please understand, unless you're at a BarrelHouse taproom, we can not guarantee the beer hasn't come in contact with gluten.

How do we test BarrelHouse Standard Ale?
We use a certified testing lab, White Labs in San Diego, Ca to test each batch as it’s kegged. This lab sends us results before beer ever hits a glass.

Where can I see test results?
Every batch of BarrelHouse Standard Ale comes with a very clear package date. Use this date and the link above to see test results.

Where can I purchase BarrelHouse Standard Ale?
BarrelHouse Standard Ale is distributed everywhere BarrelHouse beers are sold. Be sure to ask your favorite local bar and/or restaurant about adding this beer to their line-up.

Are any other BarrelHouse beers crafted to reduce gluten?
Not at this point. We are entertaining the idea and running trials, but there are no immediate plans. We think you'll love what BarrelHouse Standard Ale offers and be satisfied for years to come!