BarrelHouse was established in 2013 by co-owners Jason Carvalho and Kevin Nickell and longtime friend Chris Vaughn with a simple mission…bring together Good People, Good Times, and Great Beer.  Since those early garage brewing days, BarrelHouse has quickly grown to be the largest family owned and operated craft brewery in San Luis Obispo County.  “Being an American, family owned business is something that we take pride in,” says President of BarrelHouse Brewing Co. Jason Carvalho.  “In an ever-changing craft beer landscape of sellouts and mergers, we retain our independence.  Our people are passionate about our mission and we are just getting started.”

To keep your taste buds intrigued, each month our talented brewers create small-batch, taproom only beers for your drinking pleasure. Be sure to visit one of our three locations: Paso Robles Brewery and Beer GardensSan Luis Obispo Taproom, or our newest Visalia Taproom and Beer Gardens for these unique rotating offerings.

Paired with an endless lineup of energetic bands and fun events, BarrelHouse is famously known for their delicious line-up of year-round beers: Sunny Daze, Mango IPA, BarrelHouse IPA, Juicy IPA and Big Sur. All of these beers are available in bottles and draft throughout our California Distribution network.

Additionally, since our brew house first fired up, our team has been crafting an impressive line-up of sour and non-sour barrel-aged beers. Housed within our dedicated Barrel Facility across the creek from our main brewery, you'll find rare sour and wild ales referred to as Salvaje de Robles (Wild of the Oak) beers and Reservado de Robles (Reserve of the Oak) or their non-sour barrel-aged beers. The "de Robles" series of beers is the canvas for our brewing artists. These limited releases are available at our taprooms and at the finest craft beer accounts throughout our distribution network.

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