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Cole Fonseca is the real deal. From a little town at the base of the foothills in central California Fonseca has been a professional blues musician since age 15. Started playing harmonica since age 7 and guitar since 17. Fonseca was involved in a automobile collision that ejected him out of the back windsheild at an excessive speed leaving him paralysis of the left arm in 2005. After this tragedy Fonseca still pursued a career in music by developing his own sound on the electric harmonica by his tone and his brutal attack on the instrument. Using a 5 watt amp with a 10 inch speaker cranked all the way up. Also he gets away with using a wah wah pedal which you can hear on his tune "Sprit in the Dark" a song he had done tipping the hat to the Blind Boys of Alabama. Coles latest Album "The Phoenix Jubilee" had raised alot of eyebrows with its diversity and it big powerful sound. Most of that album is featured on the playlist below. Fonseca also acheived something that nobody ever expected. Playing slide guitar with one hand like a pro with two hands. You can hear the rough copy of the song "Rattlesnake" Fonsecas phrasing and tone are nothing shot of world class. Listen and enjoy this Bluesmans testimony. The man that was kicked down and got up swinging and knocking out giants such as death itself.